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Frequently Asked Questions

Have you got any teaching qualifications?

Yes. I have a masters degree in Learning and Teaching (2022), a PGCert (2013), PTTLS (2009), and I regularly engage in continuous professional development courses and seminars.

Do you have much experience?

Yes. I've been teaching privately and mentoring professionally for nearly 16 years and I established The Brighton Drum School in 2010. I've held various senior positions within formal education including Principal Lecturer and Head of Department at H.E and F.E levels, I've delivered guest lectures, designed and delivered teacher training programs, given demonstrations and masterclasses internationally, and I've written over 300 published educational articles.

Where do you teach from?

I teach in person and online from The Brighton Drum School in central Brighton and I travel to some students homes. For those that have in person lessons at The Brighton Drum School, it's a few minutes walk from Brighton Station and very close to all the other major transport hubs. For students that can't travel easily or that live in other parts of the UK, Europe and the world, I use the Zoom platform with a high speed internet connection, multi camera set-up and fully mic'd up kit. I also do guest teaching days at different venues throughout the year.

Have you played professionally?

Yes, and I still do. I've worked internationally as a professional musician for nearly 30 years. I continue to maintain an active presence on the pro circuit including playing in Ozric Tentacles and working closely with the companies whose products I endorse as a player as well as in an educational capacity.

What level student do you work with?

Beginners to advanced, from age 10 upwards. Students range from young beginners to established professional musicians that play with major artists, to teachers, hobbyists, and all in-between.

What do you teach?

I work with students on an individual basis, but within that we teach different styles, technique, Trinity and RSL grades 1 - 8, musicianship, reading, independence, timing, electronics, drum recording and production, and I work personally with other teachers to help develop their pedagogical skills and I offer mentoring, career guidance, and personal and professional development.


Are the other teachers at The Brighton Drum School?

Yes there are. Other teachers at The Brighton Drum School are vetted and trained by me and all have a current DBS certificate. 

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